Our Mission

We want to provide you with a building that serves its end users and makes a positive contribution to its surroundings. We can do this due to our firm’s focus on environmentally sensitive designs, so you can count on having a building that starts from the unique characteristics of the site to provide a result that meets your needs.

Our Values

  • We believe in context driven, innovative and functional design.
  • We bring experience and commitment to your project.
  • We believe in continuity of the project team from start to finish.
  • We ensure direct access to a partner through the life of your project.
  • We understand our clients and their project objectives.

Our Vision

Your building will be both functional and innovative, thanks to our firm’s strong foundation in conventional building forms, and our commitment to evolve with changes that affect the way our clients do business. You can be confident that our work will be tailored to meet your needs as a client — in a way that uses the best of traditional and contemporary methodology.

Our Team

You need an experienced team to take charge of your project — and Team Unfolded has over 40 years in design and construction experience. This means that you can be reassured that we will manage and deliver the execution of tactical commercial and residential projects, on time and on budget. Our core team is well positioned to meet your needs on large and complex projects, as well as small, infill buildings.