Our Team: Bio

Mark Genga

B. Arch. Sc. Project Manager

Mark grew up with a deep appreciation for art, mathematics and the sciences and worked for a home-builder from a young age. Architecture became a natural part of Mark’s progression which provided the avenue to synthesize many of his passions.

Since completing his degree in Architectural Science from Ryerson University in 2003, Mark has worked at some of the City’s most reputable architecture firms where he gained a wide breadth of experience. He has had exposure to local as well as international projects of different scales, ranging from low-rise residential to ‘super-tall’ high-rise mixed-use developments.

Mark has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to develop a strong rapport with clients, consultants, and colleagues by leveraging his strengths and professionalism, combining them with a relentless dedication to the success of every project.

As fitness and health enthusiast, Mark brings a similar level of commitment to his personal interests. Mark has completed many long-distance running events, most notably the New York Marathon, and bikes thousands of kilometres each year, turning a life-long love for cycling into his year-round commuting method of choice.